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Lodges and Resorts in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

Atikokan, Ontario is situated just north of the famous Quetico Provincial Park. If you're not into "roughing it" and canoeing in Quetico, there are many wonderful resorts, lodges and outpost cabins in the area to choose from. To the east of Atikokan, you'll find such lakes as the Seine River Chain of Lakes, Banning Lake, Perch Lake and Calm Lake that you can drive to. To the west, you'll find Niobe Lake and Eva Lake. Just north of the town, you can take Highway 622 to resorts on lakes such as Marmion, Finlayson and Clearwater West. If you're looking to fly in or boat in to an outpost cabin, you'll find plenty around Atikokan - Bemar, Gamble, Bernadine, Irene, Osprey, Pekagoning, Pettit, Pyramid and Sanford to name a few. If you're planning a canoe trip into Quetico Park, White Otter Wilderness Area or one of the many lakes and rivers in the area, many of the lodges also offer canoe outfitting. Why not spend a few days before or after your canoe trip at a cabin?

Whether you are looking for a full-service American Plan Lodge, a housekeeping cabin, or a fly-in outpost cottage, you'll find something to suit your needs. Below is a list of the lodges, resorts and outposts in Atikokan, Ontario. Please click on their name to go directly to their websites. If you can't find what you're looking for, visit our resorts website that lists all resorts and lodges in Northwestern Ontario - the accommodations are sorted by American Plan Lodges, Housekeeping Cabins, Fly in Outposts, Island Resorts, Houseboats and Family-orientated Camps.

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Branch's Seine River Lodge Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Box 546 Atikokan Ontario P0T 1C0
807-947-2391 or 866-443-4414
Browns' Clearwater West Lodge/Barry Brown's Game Hunts [Website | Summary]
Clearwater West Lake, Highway 622 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
807-597-2884 or Reservation Desk: 800-900-4240

Camp Quetico [Website | Summary]
Box 1087 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Canoe Canada Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Box 1810, 300 O'Brien Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0

Crystal Beach Resort [Website | Summary]
Box 878 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Finlayson Lake Resort & Campground Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Box 1482 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0

Marr's Perch Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 1593 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
807-597-1233 or 888-737-2455
Niobe Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Highway 11, Box 1856 Atikokan Ontario P0T 1C0
807-929-2145 or 866-877-8920

Kashabowie Outposts [Website | Summary]
Box 2310 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Voyageur Wilderness [Website | Summary]
Voyageur Island, Nym Lake, Box 850 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0

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