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City of Dryden, Ontario, Canada - "Natural Abundance - Dryden offers it all"

Dryden Ontario AttractionsThe Town of Dryden incorporated in 1910. It expanded its boundaries several times before amalgamating with the neighbouring Township of Barclay, to form the new "City of Dryden" on January 1, 1998. Dryden is centrally located in the southern half of the Patricia Region, for which it serves as a hub. Being easily accessible on the Trans-Canada Highway and the CPR rail line, Dryden also has an excellent airport with a 6,000-foot runway. Located at the end of Highway 502 from Fort Frances, a direct link to the USA (Minnesota), the city is the dividing point between traffic going up Highway 105 to Ear Falls and Red Lake and traffic traveling up Highway 72 to Sioux Lookout and beyond. The steady increase in traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway along with Dryden's position midway between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay has resulted in a very large commercial sector serving local citizens and visitors. Tourism is now a large and stable industry, adding dimension to Dryden's quality of life.

The City is home to many hotels and motels, campgrounds, trailer parks and also has a wide variety of restaurants from fast food to refined dining. The community is also able to meet your shopping needs with specialty gift shops to major department stores. Cradled in the vast northwestern forest, Dryden offers both visitors and residents a strong retail and service sector, with a full service airport, a healthcare centre, good educational facilities, and over 200 active clubs and organizations.

Proudly standing at the tourist information centre, Maximillian Moose presides over the community. In honour of his ancestors, cousins, and friends of the wilderness, this burly beast, with head raised, captures the spirit of Sunset Country and a city that offers "everything under the sun".

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Main Industry:
The major industries in Dryden are tourism, forestry, manufacturing, retail & distribution, and mineral exploration. The City of Dryden welcomes economic growth and investment with its low tax rates, registration fees, and land costs.

Population: 7616 (approx.)Canadian Family Vacations

Distances to Nearest Towns:
Dryden to Vermilion Bay - 45 km (28 miles)
Dryden to Sioux Lookout - 95 km (60 miles)
Dryden to Ignace - 105 km (65 miles)
Dryden to Kenora - 140 km (85 miles)
Dryden to Atikokan - 280 km (175 miles)

Visitor Information Centre:
Pose with "Max the Moose", get maps and brochures, or browse the local art gallery open all year long. Our knowledgeable Travel Counselors are here to assist you with your travel plans from May long weekend to September long weekend. For more information visit www.dryden.ca, call 1-800-667-0935, or email tourism@dryden.ca for year round assistance

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Birch Dale Lodge and Campground [Website | Summary]
General Delivery Waldhof Ontario P0V 2X0
807-227-5262 or 866-505-2600
North Country Lodge [Website | Summary]
RR1 Site 5, Box 4 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-5245 or 800-989-7919

Indian Point Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 681 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z3
807-937-6988 or 800-699-9390
Cedar Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 19 Waldhof Ontario, Canada P0V 2X0
807-227-2066 or 888-722-4610

Best Western Plus Dryden Hotel & Conference Centre [Website | Summary]
349 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P4
807-223-3201 or 888-394-2378
Big Eagle Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 8 Eagle River Ontario, Canada P0V 1S0

Evergreen Lodge Ltd. [Website | Summary]
Box 29 Eagle River Ontario, Canada P0V 1S0
Temple Bay Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 68 Eagle River Ontario, Canada P0V 1S0
807-755-2172 or 800-369-3474

Williams Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 509 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z2
Pine Sunset Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 55, 290 Robertson Rd Dinorwic Ontario, Canada P0V 1P0
807-938-6621 or 888-897-4212

Huber's Lone Pine Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 546 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z2
807-938-6474 or 800-665-2257
Davis' Bonny Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 39, Site 110, RR1 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y4
807-938-6696 or 866-815-5971

Sid's Canadian Bear Hunts [Website | Summary]
RR4, Box 18, Site 234, 215 West River Rd Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 0A2
Silver Water Wheel Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 723 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z4
807-529-3373 or 800-567-8538

Latitude 50 Realty Inc. [Website | Summary]
Box 758, 165 First St. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z4
807-223-4950 or 866-880-4950
McAuley and Partners [Website | Summary]
Box 159,4 Whyte Ave Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y8

National Car Rental & Truck Rental [Website | Summary]
349 Government St., Box 232 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y8
Egli's Sheep Farm & Animal Park [Website | Summary]
Box 10, 20232 Highway 17 W Minnitaki Ontario, Canada P0V 2E0
807-755-5231 or 800-465-2966

Patricia Regional Tourist Council [Website | Summary]
Box 66 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y7
807-223-6792 or 800-465-7101
City of Dryden [Website | Summary]
30 Van Horne Avenue Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2A7

Dryden Museum [Website | Summary]
15 Van Horne Ave. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2A5
Kupper's Bakery and Restaurant [Website | Summary]
5 Earl Avenue Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 1X4

Chalet Inn Motel & Restaurant [Website | Summary]
184 Government Rd. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2N9
807-223-2335 or 800-563-1277
Dryden GM [Website | Summary]
489 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P6
807-223-7123 or 866-638-3754

AWCL Printing [Website | Summary]
#1-32 Colonization Ave South Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2L7
807-223-2381 or 800-465-7230
89.5 The Lake Radio [Website | Summary]
301 1st Ave. S. Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 1W2

Merkel's Camp [Website | Summary]
PO Box 473 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z2
807-938-6428 or 888-521-3872
Rugby Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 23 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y7

Gould's Brandsource [Website | Summary]
19 Whyte Ave. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 1Z1
Tourism Dryden [Website | Summary]
284 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P3
807-223-2174 or 800-667-0935

Laura Howe Marsh [Website | Summary]
Dryden Ontario
North Dryden-Rotary Park [Website | Summary]
Wice Rd Dryden Ontario

Russell Park [Summary]
Elsie Rd Dryden Ontario
Pioneer Street Park [Summary]
Pioneer St Dryden Ontario

Cooper Park [Summary]
Earl Ave Dryden Ontario
Eagle Park [Summary]
Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario

Kinsmen Park [Summary]
St.Charles St Dryden Ontario
Pronger Park [Summary]
Dingwall Parkway Dryden Ontario

Sandy Beach Park [Summary]
Sandy Beach Rd Dryden Ontario

Milestone Park [Summary]
Morison Ave Dryden Ontario

Plumridge Park [Summary]
St. Charles St Dryden Ontario
Max the Moose [Website | Summary]
284 Government St Dryden Ontario

Dryden Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints [Summary]
Sandy Beach Rd Dryden Ontario
Emmanuel Baptist Church [Website | Summary]
Hwy 17 W Dryden Ontario

Dryden First Baptist Church [Summary]
58 King St Dryden Ontario
First United Church [Summary]
23 Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario

Dryden Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall [Summary]
43 Boyd Rd Dryden Ontario
New Life Pentecostal Church [Summary]
99 Albert St Dryden Ontario

Our Saviour Lutheran Church [Summary]
175 Cecil Ave Dryden Ontario
St. Luke's Anglican Church - Dryden [Summary]
50 Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario

Dryden United Pentecostal Church [Summary]
128 Whyte Ave Dryden Ontario
Dryden Regional Health Centre [Website | Summary]
58 Goodall St Dryden Ontario

Dryden Public Library [Summary]
36 Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario
Van Horne Waterfront Park [Summary]
Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario

Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge [Website | Summary]
184 Goverment St Dryden Ontario
Dryden Recreation Complex [Website | Summary]
84 Whyte St Dryden Ontario

Ghost Lake Beach [Summary]
Ghost Lake Rd Dryden Ontario
Johnston Park [Summary]
Off Goverment St Dryden Ontario

Dryden Regional Airport (YHD) [Website | Summary]
Ghost Lake Rd Dryden Ontario
Dryden Regional Training Cultural Centre [Website | Summary]
100 Casimir Ave Dryden Ontario

Dryden Ski Club [Website | Summary]
Ski Hill Rd Dryden Ontario
Anderson's Homestead Golf Course [Summary]
Johnston Rd Dryden-Oxdrift Ontario

Evergreen Golf Club [Summary]
Wabigoon Lake Rd Dryden-Oxdrift Ontario
Eagle's Landing Golf and Curling Club [Summary]
400 Sandy Beach Rd Dryden Ontario

Dryden LCBO [Summary]
99 King St N Dryden Ontario
Dryden Beer Store [Summary]
79 Queen St Dryden Ontario

Hillcrest Animal Clinic [Summary]
195 Grand Trunk Ave Dryden Ontario
807-223-3520 or 800-465-7223
Dryden Veterinary Services [Summary]
289 Grand Trunk Ave Dryden Ontario

Trans Canada Pet Clinic [Summary]
596 Government St Dryden Ontario
ServiceOntario - Dryden [Website | Summary]
479 Government Road Dryden ON P8N 3K9

Jackfish Lake Rest Area [Summary]
Highway 17 Dinorwic/Borups Corner ON

Dryden Free Methodist Church [Website | Summary]
261 Van Horne Ave Dryden Ontario

Morgan Fuels [Website | Summary]
Box 1029 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1B3
NWOSTA [Website | Summary]
Site 220 Box 10 RR2 Dryden Ontario, Canada

Eagle Lake Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 1213 Fond du Lac Wisconsin 54936-1213

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