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Main Industries in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

Placer Dome Campbell Mine located in Balmertown
Goldcorp Inc (Red Lake Mine) located in Balmertown
Goldcorp also owns Cochenour Mine and Madsen Mine.

The towns of the Red Lake district originated with the sole purpose of supporting mineral extraction. The discovery of gold in 1925, and the subsequent Goldrush of 1926 thrust the Red Lake area to international prominence. Towns sprang up alongside mines as new deposits were discovered and development began. This ultimately led to a district of communities, which comprises six towns: Red Lake, Madsen, Starrat Olsen, Cochenour, McKenzie Island, and Balmertown. There are presently two operating mines in the area: Placer Dome Campbell Mine and Goldcorp (formerly Dickenson Mine). Visitors to the community will often hear the names of some of former mines... Madsen Mine... Howey Mine... Hasaga Mine... Starrat Olsen Mine... Cochenour Willan Gold Mine... Gold Eagle Mine... McKenzie Red Lake Mine...

There are several logging companies in the area. The wood from here goes to mills in Northwestern Ontario. Early woodland operations developed to supply fuel and timber for the local mines. They expanded to supply lumber for both the mines and the towns that grew around them. Today, the industry is nationally integrated with most lumber supplied from elsewhere and much local harvesting dedicated to pulpwood - but local operations continue to provide timber for area mines.

There are over 100 lodges, outposts and campgrounds that are accessible from Red Lake by road, boat or seaplane. The Municipality of Red Lake is situated in some of Canada's most scenic boreal forest. Artifacts suggest that humans have been travelling to and through the Red Lake area for more than 2,000 years. More recently (much more recently), the construction of Highway 105 enabled easy access to the district. About twenty years after the Gold Rush of 1926 brought prospectors from all over the world, the Highway probably allowed the start of a second Rush - of tourists. Thousands of tourists come each year to the area to fish, hunt, or simply to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Whatever your outdoor pleasure - fishing (and ice fishing), hunting, camping, boating, snowmobiling, swimming, sailing, golfing, tennis, photography - you are sure to find Red Lake to be the perfect tourist destination.

Economic Roots
Our present-day Municipality had its roots with the First Nations people who travelled our waterways. While trade appears to have flourished in this way for many years, it was the discovery of GOLD, and the subsequent Goldrush of 1926 which accelerated economic and industrial growth in the region. Mineral extraction has been, and continues to be, a significant component of our local economy. Timber extraction and management have also developed into major components of our economy. And, with the construction of Hwy 105, just after World War II, a new type of industry has become prominent: Tourism.

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