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Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada - A Northern Experience

Sioux Lookout is situated on Pelican Lake, part of the English River-Lac Seul Water System. Sioux Lookout is an important service centre in the heart of the Patricia Region. You can stock up on food, bait and tackle and other supplies in town or stay overnight in a hotel/motel. Blueberry Festival, Sioux LookoutThere are many resorts in the area offering great fishing or hunting and many are perfect for a family vacation. If you're looking for a very secluded remote cabin, there are many outposts cabins to fly to from Sioux Lookout. You can even fly to all-inclusive American Plan fly-in resorts. Enjoy the annual Blueberry Festival held every August. Visit Ojibway Provincial Park about 25 kilometers southwest of Sioux Lookout on Highway 72. Natural features you'll find include labrador tea, wild rice, lady slipper and water lily. The campground on Little Vermilion Lake has a sandy beach for swimmers. Eleven kilometers of picturesque hiking trails wind through the backwoods. South of Sioux Lookout is the village of Hudson and beautiful Vermilion Lake, known for its clear deep water and Big Vermilion Beach, one of the nicest swimming spots in the area.

Sioux Mountain, site of a 1700s battle between the Ojibway and invading Sioux is located across the lake from the Town site. Legend has it that the Ojibway camped at the peak of Sioux Mountain so they could see approaching Sioux canoes from a great distance and set up a successful ambush. During the ambush the entire invading party was killed or drowned except for one small boy, saved by a compassionate Ojibway woman. He was adopted into the tribe and later became one of its most respected chiefs.

The Town of Sioux Lookout derives its name from the Ojibway-Sioux confrontation. Hiking trails still lead to the peak of Sioux Mountain though the view is now regarded as more beautiful than menacing.

To find out more about the individual resorts, hotels, and businesses in Sioux Lookout, link to their websites at the bottom of this page.

Main Industries:
Services, (68%) - Forestry, (14%) - Tourism, (4%) - Transportation, (12%)

Population: 5336 Sioux Lookout Information Centre

Distances to nearest towns from Sioux Lookout to:
Dryden - 95 km
Ignace - 140 km
Thunder Bay - 370 km

Visitor Information Centre:
The Sioux Lookout Information Center offers outfitter brochures, fishing and hunting regulations, Ontario and Manitoba brochures, lake maps, Chamber of Commerce information, and retail items (T-shirts, sweatshirts, postcards, hats, maps, books, crafts). The Information Centre also has a beautiful picnic area overlooking the lake and walking trail.

Summer hours of operation: 8:00am - 8:00pm (July and August)
Winter hours of operation: Mon - Fri, 9- 12:30 and 2:30 - 4:00

Campgrounds in the area
The Sioux Lookout and Hudson Association or Community Living in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources run Ojibway Provincial Park, located approximately 20 km from Sioux Lookout on Highway 72.

View moose along the highway.

Public Boat Launches:
Deception Bay Landing - need a pass.
Superior Junction Boat Launch
West Point Cove Boat Launch
Sturgeon River Road Boat Launch
Butterfly Lake
Sturgeon River (Alcona Highway)
Big Vermillion west of Hudson
Big Vermillion - Botham's Bay
Abram Lake - Lakes
Lac Seul - Boat Bay

Additional Information:
Sioux Lookout has the busiest airport between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg with + 100,000 passengers per year. Open 24/7 with IFR, refueling.

Sioux Lookout is easy to find! Drive up Highway 72 approximately 65 kilometers north of the Trans-Canada Highway. For more information you can call the Sioux Lookout Chamber of Commerce at 807-737-1937 or the Town of Sioux Lookout at 807-737-2700.

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Lac Seul Floating Lodges [Website | Summary]
Box 210, 5 Lakefront Hudson Ontario, Canada P0V 1X0
Knobby's Fly-In Camps [Website | Summary]
Box 382 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A5
807-737-3291 or 800-668-3886

Ghost River Lodges [Website | Summary]
Box 566 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
807-582-3330 or 888-446-7874
Fireside Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 218 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A3
807-737-1919 or 800-545-0815

Anderson's Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 1058 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1B7
807-737-1279 or 800-465-1098
Pickerel Arm Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 458 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
807-737-2499 or 800-872-7403

Moosehorn Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 579 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
807-737-2630 or 800-682-6123
Country Camping & Cabins [Website | Summary]
PO Box 104 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A1
807-737-1356 or 800-946-8244

William A George Extended Care Unit [Website]
75 Fifth Ave Sioux Lookout Ontario
West Point Cove Camp [Website]
Box 1532, 11 Grand Trunk Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1C3

West Point Cove Boat Launch
West Point Cove Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario
Wasaya Airways [Website]
300 Anemki Place, Suite 8 Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada P7E 5H1
807-474-2351 or 877-492-7292

Umfreville Trail
First Ave S Sioux Lookout Ontario
Umfreville Historic Park
Hwy 72 Sioux Lookout Ontario

Timber Edge Camps [Website]
Box 596 Sioux Lookout Ontaro, Canada P8T 1A8
807-737-2099 or 800-768-8588
Superior Junction Boat Launch
Hwy 642 Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sturgeon River Road Boat Launch
Sturgeon River Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario
St. Mary's Church
103 King St Sioux Lookout Ontario

St. Andrew's United Church
21 Sixth Ave Sioux Lookout Ontario
Sioux Mountain
Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sioux Lookout Travel Information Centre/ Chamber of Commerce [Website]
Box 397, 11 First Avenue S. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
Sioux Lookout Recreation Centre
85 King St Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sioux Lookout Public Library [Website]
21 Fifth Ave Sioux Lookout Ontario
Sioux Lookout Museum [Website]
Sioux Lookout Ontario
807-737-2700 x 2243

Sioux Lookout Municipal Airport [Website]
PO Box 158 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A4
Sioux Lookout LCBO
44 Front St Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sioux Lookout Golf and Curling Club [Website]
87 Third Ave. N. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1G7
Sioux Lookout Calvary Baptist Chruch
Prince St Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sioux Lookout Beer Store
41 Front St Sioux Lookout Ontario
Sioux Lookout Airport (YXL) [Website]
Hwy 516, 7 Airport Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario

ServiceOntario - Sioux Lookout [Website]
62 Queen Street Sioux Lookout Ontario P8T 1A2
Second Sandy Beach
Hwy 72 Sioux Lookout Ontario

Sacred Heart Church & Rectory
116 King St Sioux Lookout Ontario
Red Pine Lodge & Outposts [Website]
Box 4048 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1J9
807-737-2904 or 855-737-2904

Outdoors Sport Complex
3 Ave South Sioux Lookout Ontario
Ojibway Provincial Park [Website]
Highway 72 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada

Ojibway Power Toboggan Inc. [Website]
108 Abram Lake Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario
New Life Assembly
28 First St Sioux Lookout Ontario

NWOSTA [Website]
Site 220 Box 10 RR2 Dryden Ontario, Canada
Municipality of Sioux Lookout [Website]
PO Box 158, 25 Fifth Ave. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A4

Morgan Fuels [Website]
Box 1029 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1B3
Meno Ya Win Health Centre [Website]
1 Meno Ya Win Way Sioux Lookout Ontario

Mahkwa Lodge on Lac Seul [Website]
Box 280 Hudson Ontario, Canada P0V 1X0
MNR Beach
Hwy 72 Sioux Lookout Ontario

Lion's Park
Government Row Sioux Lookout Ontario
Iron Bridge
Sioux Lookout Ontario

Historic Train Station
Front St Sioux Lookout Ontario
Gould's Brandscource [Website]
19 Whyte Ave. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 1Z1

Fuller Park
Fuller St Sioux Lookout Ontario
Frog Rapids Camp [Website]
RR #1 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1J5

Forest Inn & Conference Centre [Website]
Box 247, 11 May Street Sioux Lookout Ontario P8T 1A3
807-737-1330 or 800-649-9502
First Sandy Beach
11 First Ave S Sioux Lookout Ontario

Farlinger Park
Wellington St Sioux Lookout Ontario
Butterfly Lake Boat Launch
Off Hwy 72 Sioux Lookout Ontario

Bluewave Energy [Website]
1030 Railway St. Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X8
Believer's Fellowship
Sturgeon River Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario

BDO Canada LLP, C.A.s - Sioux Lookout [Website]
76 1/2 Front Street, Suite 1A Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1B8
Ashawaabic Ministries
70 Fifth Ave Sioux Lookout Ontario

Abram Lake Park [Website]
Box 444 Sioux Lookout Ontario,Canada P8T 1A5
89.5 The Lake Radio [Website]
301 1st Ave. S. Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 1W2

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