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Canadian muskie fishing in Sunset Country
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Vermilion Bay, Canada Fishing Trips

Many fishermen head to the Vermilion Bay area for their Canada fishing trips. The town is located on the northwest Corner of Eagle Lake. Eagle has a great variety of fish species to catch - trophy muskie, walleye, bass, lake trout and northern pike. To the northwest of the community, you'll find great fishing on lakes such as the Indian Chain of lakes, Blue, Clay, Big Canon, Canyon and more. North of the community, heading towards Perrault Falls, you'll reach Cedar and Perrault Lakes.

Eagle Lake is 90 miles long with over 65,000 acres of water. There are also smaller portage lakes that can be accessed via a short portage. The Indian Lake Chain in northwestern Ontario, Canada is famous for its fishing for walleye, muskie, lake trout and bass. The Indian Lake chain is accessed from Highway 647, north of Vermilion Bay. The chain includes Indian (Alexandra), Edward, Augite, Forest, Bladder, Cobble, Boulder, Little Boulder, Moose and Whitney Lake. Clay Lake is located north of Vermilion Bay and is 28 miles long. you can fish for walleye (to 13 lbs), northern pike (to 25 lbs), small mouth bass (to 5 lbs) and muskie (to 30 lbs). Lake Trout to 10 lbs. Canyon Lake is 19 miles long, has sheltered bays, deep ledges and weed beds that provide excellent fishing. The widest point is three miles long, the narrowest is 100 yards. Canyon Lake offers walleye, muskie, smallmouth bass, whitefish and perch. The average walleye caught is 1 1/2-2 lbs with 10 lbs and over being caught each year. North of the community, you find the connecting waterways, Cedar Lake and Perrault Lake. You will seldom have to travel more than ten or fifteen minutes from the camps to enjoy some of the best fishing you have ever experienced! The lakes are primarily made up of bays, islands, and channels, so it's a rare day that the wind blows hard enough to keep you off the lake. The average depth of these lakes is approximately twenty feet with many holes reaching forty and fifty feet. There are many weed beds and lots of rock structure and underwater reefs.

You can also go flyin fishing from Vermilion Bay. Full service fly-in lodges can be found on Big Canon and Anishinabi Lakes. Fyin fishing outposts can be found on lakes such as Clace, Clay, Co-Pilot, Lac Seul, Legon, Papaonga, Toby, Bridge, Campfire, Confusion, Conver, Lake, Long, Onis, Pilot, Porta, Solitary, Sup, Wasa Lakes.

Please link to the lodges and resorts below that offer Canada fishing trips around Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

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Vermilion Bay Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 510 Vermilion Bay Ontario P0V 2V0
807-227-2405 or 888-301-8229
North Country Lodge [Website | Summary]
RR1 Site 5, Box 4 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-5245 or 800-989-7919

Indian Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
RR1, 72 Indian Lake Camp Rd. Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-2040 or 888-227-2040
Eagle Lake Sportsmen's Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 82 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0

Cedar Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 19 Waldhof Ontario, Canada P0V 2X0
807-227-2066 or 888-722-4610
Birch Dale Lodge and Campground [Website | Summary]
General Delivery Waldhof Ontario P0V 2X0
807-227-5262 or 866-505-2600

Wilderness Air Limited [Website | Summary]
Box 83 Vermilion Bay Ontario P0V 2V0
807-227-5473 or 800-760-0924
Stanley's Resort [Website | Summary]
Box 174 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-2199 or 800-461-1444

Ontario North Outposts [Website | Summary]
Box 194 Eagle River Ontario P0V 1S0
877-469-1499 or 877-469-1499
Northwinds Canadian Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Box 40 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-2013 or 800-567-5253

Keystone Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 310 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
Eagle Lake Floating Vacations [Website | Summary]
PO Box 216 Vermilion Bay Ontario P0V 2V0

Andy Myer's Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 58 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-2610 or 888-727-5865
Richard Lake Cottages and Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Box 56 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0

McIntosh Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 11, Group 5 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
Eagle Lake Island Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 1213 Fond du Lac Wisconsin 54936-1213

Darren & Merri's Cedar Lake Camp [Website | Summary]
General Delivery Perrault Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 2K0
Clark's Northern Lights Resort [Website | Summary]
Box 10 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-529-6561 or 888-749-0049

Clark's Camp & KC's Landing Resort [Website | Summary]
Box 10 Vermilion Bay Ontario P0V 2V0
807-227-2154 or 866-744-2154

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