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Vermilion Bay Street Map

Vermilion Bay - Junction of Highway 17 and 105 The Vermilion Bay street map below shows you where you can find the post office, police station, Visitor Information Center, the Liquor and Beer Stores, airport, picnic areas and parks and more. The Vermilion Bay hotels and motels, campgrounds and retail and service businesses are also dotted on the map. If you order the FREE Travel Guide & Map, it also comes with an area map that shows you where all the lodges, resorts and flyin outpost cabins are. The printed Travel Guide & Map has maps of all the towns and cities in Sunset Country. The maps are great to help you get around on your vacation.

Directions to Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada

Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada is located along the Trans-Canada Highway in the centre of Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country. Vermilion Bay is 28 miles (40 km) west of Dryden and is 55 miles (90 km) east of Kenora. Vermilion Bay is the starting point for people heading up the 105 Highway to Ear Falls or Red Lake. If you are heading to Vermilion Bay from the United States, the quickest way is to go through the Fort Frances/International Falls, Minnesota border. Once in Fort Frances, you'll take Highway 11 east for approximately 30 km (18 miles). Then at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 502, make a left and go north on Highway 502 until you get to Highway 17 and the City of Dryden. The drive to Dryden is 151 km (95 miles). You can turn right into Dryden and pick up any supplies you may need or make a left on Highway 17 and go west 28 miles to Vermilion Bay.

Vermilion Bay Street Map

Please click here to download a printable PDF version of the Vermilion Bay Street Map.

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