Kenora Street Map
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Kenora, Canada, lake of the Woods vacations
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Street Map of Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Keewatin, Ontario, Canada Click on the Street Map of Kenora below to order your FREE Travel Guide & Map that has printed copies of all the towns and cities in Northwestern Ontario. The maps are great to help you get around on your holidays. You can also pick up the Sunset Country Guide & Map at the Tourist Information Centre at the Harbourfront.

The Kenora map shows you where you can find the post office, police station, Travel Information Centers, the Liquor and Beer Stores, shopping mall, museum, picnic areas and parks and more. The Kenora hotels and motels, campgrounds and retail and service businesses are also dotted on the map. If you order the FREE Travel Guide & Map, it also comes with an area map that shows you where all the cabin rentals and flyin outposts are. Downtown Kenora Ontario

Getting around Kenora is fairly easy. Many of the shops and businesses are located within walking distance of each other. You can even drive a boat up to the public docks at the Kenora Harbourfront and park while you shop downtown. Many of the other businesses have docking as well. Imagine picking up your groceries from Safeway in your boat.

Kenora has its own Public transportation system. View the City Of Kenora website for the Kenora Bus Schedule. Kenora also has a taxi service (Co-ot Taxi - 807-468-3031) and Handi Transit Transportation (807-468-5947).

Kenora Street Map

Please click here to download a printable PDF version of the Kenora Street Map.

Keewatin Ontario Street Map
Please click here to download a printable PDF version of the Keewatin Street Map.

Directions to Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Kenora, Ontario, Canada is located along the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 17) on the north end of Lake of the Woods. If you are coming from the United States, you will most likely cross into Canada at the Fort Frances/International Falls border or the Rainy River/Baudette border. If you are coming from places such as Minneapolis, MN or from Chicago, IL, you'll head north from Duluth on Highway 53 until you reach Interntational Falls. Go across the bridge into Fort Frances, Ontario. Follow the signs to head west on Highway 11/71 towards Emo. Keep going west past Emo and Devlin until you reach the intersection of Highway 11/71 and Highway 71. Make a right and go north on Highway 71 past Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows until you reach Highway 17. Make a left and go west on Highway 17. You'll soon come to the Kenora Bypass (Highway 17A). To get to Kenora, do not go straight onto the Bypass, but make a left on Highway 17 and continue to Kenora.

If you are heading from US States such as South Dakota or North Dakota, it's quicker to go through Baudette, MN or by heading up to Winnipeg, MB and crossing into Ontario from Highway 1. Head to Baudette, MN by either Highway 72 or Highway 11. Once in Baudette, you'll cross the toll-free bridge and enter into Rainy River, Ontario, Canada. From Rainy River, head east on Highway 11 for about 50 kms (35 miles). When you reach Highway 71, take a left and go north towards Nestor Falls. Then follow the directions above.

If you are heading north on Interstate 29 and want to enter Sunset Country from Manitoba, you'll enter into Canada at the Emmerson/Pembina border. Go north on Highway 75 for about an hour (100 kms) until you reach the Perimeter around Winnipeg, take it east until you see the signs for Kenora. Once you get onto the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 17), it's about 200 kms (126 miles) to Kenora. To enter the city from the west end, do not take the Bypass (Hwy 17A), but veer right on Highway 17 and this will take you into Keewatin and Kenora.

If you are coming from Thunder Bay, Ontario, its very easy to get to Kenora. Just take the Trans Canada Highway 17 for 500 kms (300 miles) west. You'll soon come to the Kenora Bypass (Highway 17A). To get to Kenora, do not go straight onto the Bypass, but make a left on Highway 17 and continue past Longbow Lake to Kenora.

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